Rock Book Show Interview: Liz Thomson “No Direction Home”

It took Bob Shelton over twenty years to write “No Direction Home”, what most people consider the definitive Bob Dylan biography.  His friendship with Dylan gave him unprecedented insider access and interviews that were more candid than most. But, even after the book’s release, Shelton wished for a “director’s cut” of the book.  Unfortunately, he passed away in 1995, before he could ever see that dream become a reality.

Elizabeth Thomson, music writer and a personal friend of Shelton’s, decided after his passing to take on the task of updating the book and restoring it to Shelton’s original vision. Twenty thousand words have been reclaimed and the book now ends in 1978. The bibliography and footnotes have also been updated to give us easier paths to enhance our reading and knowledge of Dylan.

Liz was lucky enough to meet Bob Dylan in 2003, and her respect for the words of Bob Shelton and the career of Dylan make “No Direction Home” a must read for fans old and new.

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