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Bruce Springsteen Book Author Peter James Carlin Interview (Video)

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New York Times best-selling author Peter Ames Carlin has written another successful rock icon biography. Previously, he wrote highly-respected books about Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney, and his new biography of Bruce Springsteen, Bruce, is already being called the new definitive biography of that complex subject.  While the project started out independently, Carlin received a call from John Landau, Springsteen’s longtime manager, about 18 months into the project and was given access to Bruce, the E Street Band and various family and friends.

Many new details of Springsteen’s life emerge in the book, and even longtime hardcore fans are stating that they are learning new things.  Notably, Carlin captures the first time that Bruce has publicly talked about his depression and treatment at this length in the book.  Further, Carlin was the last person to interview Clarence Clemons before his untimely death, and the tone of Clemens’ recollections are even more poignant given his passing shortly after speaking with the author.

In this interview, we talk with Carlin about Clemons and his feelings about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Mike Appel and Springsteen’s early champions at Columbia Records (including Clive Davis), the E-Street Band’s fondness for their version of the game “Monopoly”, and how Carlin scored “Jersey-points” with Springsteen at a restaurant down the shore.

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