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Leonard Cohen I’m Your Man Author Sylvie Simmons Interview

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Sylvie Simmons has written the definitive account of Leonard Cohen’s life in I’m Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen. Simmons offers the most complete picture of Cohen to date, from his early life in Montreal, his literary and musical successes, his muses, and every major milestone in between.  While difficult to condense such a full life into one volume, Simmons has done a masterful job, and her writing allows you to be enveloped in Cohen’s world.  

In this interview, Simmons shares some of the never-before-told stories in the book including fascinating tales of Cohen’s time in Nashville, the intriguing and rarely revealed skills that Cohen possesses and of course, Hallelujah.

Buy I’m Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen. Follow Sylvie on Twitter.

News Round Up: Rod Stewart And Peter Criss Books Out Tomorrow. Johnny Depp Gets Into The Book Business.

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-Rod Stewart’s memoir Rod: The Autobiography is out tomorrow. Read an excerpt here. And yes, he talks about THAT rumor.

-Mark McGrath recently tweeted he had to pick between the new Pete Townshend and John Taylor books to read on the plane. Here’s the winner.

-Harper Collins and Johnny Depp are teaming up to create an new imprint called Infinitum Nihil.  Their first book will be about Bob Dylan.

-Somebody made off with a bunch of autographed Pete Townshend books after his signing in New Jersey.

-The Daily Beast has boiled down the eight best bits of the John Taylor book.

-There are two different excerpts from the Peter Criss book Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of Kiss here and here. The book is out tomorrow. Here are the book tour dates.

Rock Book Show Interview: Liz Thomson “No Direction Home”

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It took Bob Shelton over twenty years to write “No Direction Home”, what most people consider the definitive Bob Dylan biography.  His friendship with Dylan gave him unprecedented insider access and interviews that were more candid than most. But, even after the book’s release, Shelton wished for a “director’s cut” of the book.  Unfortunately, he passed away in 1995, before he could ever see that dream become a reality.

Elizabeth Thomson, music writer and a personal friend of Shelton’s, decided after his passing to take on the task of updating the book and restoring it to Shelton’s original vision. Twenty thousand words have been reclaimed and the book now ends in 1978. The bibliography and footnotes have also been updated to give us easier paths to enhance our reading and knowledge of Dylan.

Liz was lucky enough to meet Bob Dylan in 2003, and her respect for the words of Bob Shelton and the career of Dylan make “No Direction Home” a must read for fans old and new.

Buy the book.

Rock Book Show Interview: Dorian Lynskey “33 Revolutions Per Minute, A History Of Protest Songs From Billie Holiday To Green Day”

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Music writer and first-time author Dorian Lynskey joined Kimberly via Skype to talk about his new book, “33 Revolutions Per Minute, A History Of Protest Songs From Billie Holiday to Green Day”. The book begins in 1939 with Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” and looks at the history of protest songs through today. But, as Dorian laments, the internet has changed things and perhaps this book may serve as a eulogy for the genre. To paraphrase a quote from Neil Young in the book, “are today’s artists apathetic, or does the audience not care?”. Purchase 33 Revolutions per Minute: A History of Protest Songs, from Billie Holiday to Green Day