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Rob Sheffield-Turn Around Bright Eyes: The Rituals Of Love & Karaoke Book Interview And Playlist

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rob sheffield book cover turn around bright eyes


Rob Sheffield‘s new memoir Turn Around Bright Eyes: The Rituals of Love and Karaoke could be called the sequel to Love Is A Mix Tape.  After becoming a widower at 30, Sheffield moves to New York and struggles to find his way back into the living.  Karaoke allows him a way to express himself  and work through his grief even though, as he admits, he has a terrible voice.

Each chapter of the book uses a song that Sheffield loves to tell his story and explain his experiences. Sheffield has a way of making deeply personal moments in his life incredibly relatable, and it’s one of the reasons his books are so successful.

In this interview we talk about Rob’s first time singing karaoke, what it takes to empty a karaoke room, why there’s no crying in karoake, great songs that aren’t great karaoke songs, how senior citizens will make you up your karaoke game, and why Rod Stewart is a Zen Sage.

Buy Turn Around Bright Eyes: The Rituals of Love and Karaoke. Follow Rob on Twitter. Find Rob on Facebook.

As a bonus, here’s a playlist of some of the songs we talked about in the interview.

Megadeth Co-Author Joel McIver: Writer Of A Million Books, And He’s Rocked Them All

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dave ellefson my life with deth book cover

Megadeth, Slayer, Motorhead, Glenn Hughes, Slipknot and more have all found their way into the capable writing hands of Joel McIver in one way or another. McIver has over twenty-two books to his credit as co-author or biographer, with a bunch more in the hopper.

Getting a look behind the curtain of the process of writing rock books is an interesting experience, and luckily Joel shares some of his insight with us here.His upcoming book My Life With Deth with Dave Ellefson will be out in October and is one of the many projects we discuss in this interview. Plus, there’s some news on his Rage Against The Machine book that is still in the works.

McIver also lets more secrets spill like what it was like to work with Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfy) on his upcoming book, what artists he thinks should write a book, and who he wasn’t able to convince to write their book just yet.

Check out the complete Joel McIver canon and more on his website.  Follow Joel on Twitter. Friend him on Facebook.

Al Jourgensen Book Interview: Ministry: The Lost Gospels According To Al Jourgensen

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Al Jourgensen book cover Ministry

No normal human could survive Al Jourgensen’s life. Jourgensen himself died three times living it.  Fair warning for those who write rock memoirs, Jourgensen may never be topped in his tales of debauchery, yet somehow he still has a charm about him. How does he do it?

Ministry: The Lost Gospels According To Al Jourgensen takes the reader on a tour of Al’s intense life and lifestyle, from his immigration to the U.S. from Cuba as a child, through Ministry’s extreme morphing from synth-pop combo to industrial noise machine, culminating in Al’s plans for the future…with tons of interesting, often shocking, observations and revelations from Jourgensen, including things like his homemade prescription to fight V.D. from groupies (here’s a hint: external application to genitals of hot pizza may be involved).

Of course, the book will be interesting to Ministry fans, but Jourgensen is such an intriguing character that non-fans will find the book equally enjoyable, entertaining and insightful.  And did we mention shocking?

Maybe Jourgensen is like the John McEnroe of Industrial Metal. You may not like his shenanigans and outrageous behavior, but you have to respect his talent and ability to stay true to himself, which in a way, makes him accidentally inspirational for anyone else trying to do the same. Ultimately, like his wife Angie says,’He’s just a nice Midwestern guy.”

Here are some highlights of our interview:

“It’s no redemption story, it’s no cautionary tale, it’s none of the above.” (at the 1:54 mark)

Why he considers William Burroughs, Timothy Leary and Billy Gibbons “cool cats”. (4:00)

“The creation process is my thing. I love the studio. I hate live.” (6:00)

Find out Al’s favorite album of all-time (10:00)

“I made $75 one day busking, playing pedal steel and harmonica” (10:45)

“I’ve been working on a fiction book for 28 years” (10:53)

“I don’t have a crystal ball to see what’s in my future, but I do know this…Ministry is done” (13:06)

And listen for Al’s lecture tour and Ministry tour news at the very end of the interview.

Buy Ministry: The Lost Gospels of Al Jourgensen. Follow Al on twitter. Find Al on Facebook here and his family dogs too.

Rush Illustrated History Interview With Martin Popoff

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Rush Illustrated History Book Cover


Martin Popoff is the author of over forty rock books. He previously wrote the Rush biography Contents Under Pressure, and was a huge part of the Rush movie, Beyond The Lighted Stage.  You can also see him on VH1’s Metal Evolution.  While some might suffer Rush-fatigue after that, Popoff said it was the format of the illustrated history books that got him interested in doing this project ,and he didn’t have to look much further than his own extensive collection of Rush memorabilia for a jumping off point when putting this book together.  According to Popoff, his most prized possessions are his signed albums, and they’re featured in the introduction to the book.  “Rush fans are demanding,” said Popoff, and thoughtful care was taken to include a great deal of all-new material in the book, including new album reviews that will give fans much to debate.

In this interview, we talk about the process of putting the book together, how the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction changed the ending of the book, and why Rush continues to be at the top of their game. Plus, Popoff talks about his upcoming Metallica, Art of Metal, and Iron Maiden books that will be out later this year, tips on getting an autograph from a rock star, and how he stays organized while writing rock books.

Weekend Reads: Beth Ditto, Devo And Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order)

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-We let you know about Peter Hook’s new book Unknown Pleasures- Inside Joy Division awhile back and now Peter has put out a top ten list of his favorite albums, including one of his own.

-Take a peek at the new memoir of Beth Ditto of The Gossip, Coal to Diamonds.

-Devo, by way of Amusedom, has put out Ruby Ray’s Punk Passage 1977-1981 book full of iconic black and white photographs.

-And just because, here’s a look at some ridiculous/awesome rock and roll birthday cakes.

New Book Rock ‘N Roll Myths Takes On Rocks Greatest Urban Legends

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Heard the one about Rod Stewart’s stomach being pumped?

Was Brian Jones’ death an accident or murder?

Did Jimi Hendrix really put LSD in his headband?

And what was the deal with Led Zeppelin, a shark, and that groupie in Seattle?

The new book Rock ‘N Roll Myths: The True Stories Behind The Most Famous Legends addresses more than 50 of rock’s greatest myths and enduring lies.  In the capable hands of music journalists Gary Graff and Daniel Durcholz, rumors are put to rest and urban legends are debunked all in good fun.

Check Out Rock ‘n’ Roll Myths: The True Stories Behind the Most Infamous Legends

The Bermuda Quadrangle: New Releases This Week From Neil Young, John Taylor, Weird Al And Kirk Hammett

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Something for everyone appeared in the week’s new releases.

-Neil Young’s memoir Waging Heavy Peace was called by Rolling Stone the “memoir only Young could write. Honest, moving and kind of all over the place.”


Weird Al released Weird Al: The Book, a comprehensive look at his thirty year career in pictures, tweets and so much more.


John Taylor’s In The Pleasure Groove: Love, Death and Duran Duran should please fans with tales about the excess of the 80’s.



-Metallica’s Kirk Hammett gives a rare view into his massive horror memorabilia collection with Too Much Horror Business.  Hammett spent two years working on the project and the result is stunning.

Rocker Michael Bolton Gets In The Memoir Mix

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For those that don’t know, Michael Bolton started as a rocker, playing in a band called “Blackjack” with Bruce Kulick from KISS.

In his new book The Soul Of It All (no cover photo available yet) out November 13th, Bolton will recount his rock years, babysitting Paula Abdul and so much more.

News Round Up: Cyndi Lauper, Sebastian Bach, New York Rocker, Waterboys, Rudy Sarzo

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Just received an advance copy of Cyndi Lauper’s new book here at Rock Book Show HQ.  It’ll be out September 18th. Pre-order here.  Co-written with Jancee Dunn, this should be a good one.

If you liked Zen and the Art of Mixing, you might like Zen and the Art of Producing.

Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake) will be our guest next week. If you haven’t read his book Off The Rails, check it out here.

Mike Scott of The Waterboys has had great success with his book in the UK and it’s now available here.

Sebastian Bach, Super Tweeter and occasional Twitter book reviewer (he recently gave 5 out of 5 stars to Henry Rollins’ Get In The Van) tweeted over the weekend that if he wrote a book, it would be insane. Yes it would! Please write one, Sebastian!

Also in the other books-we’d-like-to-see-written category, we’d love to see someone chronicle the history of The New York Rocker.  It seems anyone referencing the original NYC New Wave/Post-Punk scene points to the NYR as the bible of that era.  

“Unknown Pleasure- Inside Joy Division” By Peter Hook Out In UK In October

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News :: Unknown-pleasures-inside-joy-division-signing-event-tour-dates-announced-oct-2012 :: unknownpleas_hardback_revised cover jacket


Here’s all the scoop direct from Hooky’s website:

The definitive story of Joy Division told by the band’s legendary bassist, PETER HOOK.

“In the frank, upfront and indelibly personal style that saw his debut book The Hacienda: How Not to Run a Club reach widespread and international acclaim, Peter ‘Hooky’ Hook tells the inside story of Joy Division for the first time, howtheir sound came to define an era and also inspire the post punk generation, underpinned by Hooky’s unique bass guitar melodies such as ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, “Transmission” and “New Dawn Fades”.

As with Hooky’s first book, Peter is to undertake a nationwide signing and event tour to coincide with publication, taking in England, Scotland and for the first time also visiting Ireland with the book. Starting on publication date Monday 1st October, Hooky’s signing tour takes in Manchester, London, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dublin with London, Liverpool, Dublin and Edinburgh, all featuring Q&A sessions along with Hooky meeting fans and signing copies.

As well as the in-store appearances, Peter will also be interviewed and appear at a string of literary festivals in October to support the publication of “Unknown Pleasures” in October appearing at Ilkley Literature Festival (Fri ­­­­­­­­­5th Oct), Morley Literature Festival (Sat 6th  Oct), Off The Shelf Literature Festival (Tues 16th Oct), and Chester (Weds 24th Oct) where Peter will also be signing copies.”

For more details about events related to the book, go here.  Here’s the official Facebook page