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Philip Bailey and Bill Medley Books Out Today

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philip bailey book cover

Philip Bailey, lead singer of Earth, Wind and Fire and the guy who made Phil Collins cool for four minutes in the video for Easy Lover, releases his memoir today, Shining Star: Braving The Elements of Earth, Wind & Fire. Shining Star is the true story of what happens when real life exceeds your dreams and the power and pain of building a legacy brings both joy and faith-testing challenges.

bill medley book cover

Bill Medley, one half of the former Righteous Brothers (with the late Bobby Hatfield) shares memories of his over fifty year career in a touching, warm and unassuming way. Medley is a breezy story teller who never seems like he’s bragging when recalling some of his career highlights and conquests.  The guy’s a pro, who was friends with Elvis, had hits in four different decades, and still performs dates worldwide. Buy the book here.

Rock Book Show Interview: Alex Call “867-5309 Jenny: The Song That Saved Me”

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You may not know the name of your Senator or remember much from geometry class, but if we asked you “What’s Jenny’s phone number?, you’d know it.  Alex Call, is the guy who wrote that song and while Tommy Tutone may have been a one-hit wonder, Alex is not.

In his new book, “867-5309 Jenny: The Song That Saved Me“, Alex takes us on a literal rollercoaster career ride: First, there’s his work with Clover (whose members included Huey Lewis, Sean Hopper and John McFee of the Doobie Brothers), working with a very young producer named Mutt Lange, and backing up Elvis Costello on his first album, “My Aim Is True”.  They never reached their maximum potential in the States, but many artists revered their albums.  Then, he recounts personal struggles with depression and alcohol, plaguing him throughout much of his career, though not documented in a self-pitying way.  Finally, he discusses the highs and lows of being a songwriter,explaining how he went from writing “Jenny” to laboring in dirt and cobwebs under a former bandmates house, to the soaring success of having a hit record and being signed by Clive Davis…to losing it all again.

A prolific writer, Alex has written over twenty books and has also written or co-written the hit songs “Little Too Late” for Pat Benatar, “Perfect World” and “Power of Love” for Huey Lewis and The News and more.

This interview explores those early days of Clover, the true story of the inspiration for the song “897-5309 Jenny,” and what Alex thinks the real title of the book should have been.

Buy the book. Visit Alex’s YouTube channel.  Follow Alex on Twitter.  Read Alex’s WordPress blog here.  Like him on Facebook.  Find out more about the Barnes and Noble book/concert tour on the book’s website.

Below the video, we’ve included the original demo for “867-5309″ (which Alex recently discovered on a cassette tape in a garbage bag!).  It’s worth a listen.

Rock Book Show Interview: Holly George-Warren

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We took our first road trip to Phoenicia, NY to interview Holly George- Warren.  Holly is an award- winning award-winning writer, editor, book packager, producer, and music consultant.  Her writings cover almost every genre of music, and  some of her recent works include, Punk 365, Grateful Dead 365, Public Cowboy No. 1: The Life and Times of Gene Autry and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: The First 25 Years.

She has also cowritten several books, including The Road to Woodstockwith Michael Lang. Currently, she is writing the biography of Alex Chilton, that will come out next year.

With so much to talk about, how could we not make this a two-parter?  In part one, we talk about book packaging, Alex Chilton, her  ten year journey writing the Gene Autry book and more.  Part two will be posted later this week.