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The Good Inn’s Josh Frank Book Interview

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the good inn

Who wouldn’t be intrigued by an introduction that states, “what follows is an illustrated novel,based on an in-the-works soundtrack,for a feature-length film that has yet to be made, about the first narrative pornographic movie ever made”? Josh Frank, Black Francis and illustrator Steven Appleby have created a world that gives depth beyond that pornographic film, and it’s called “The Good Inn”.  The film is the centerpiece of the story, but it is more an exploration of why the film was created, who created it, who the actors were, and Black Francis’ music used throughout the narrative to complete the semi-historical tale.

Frank, who has been friends with Francis for many years, heard the song cycle that inspired the movie idea and approached him about putting his film idea into book-form first.  Some of the songs are used throughout the book and bringing in Appleby to further give the narrative vision, compliments the story without overwhelming it. It’s a unique world to visit and one that should be stunning on film.

In this interview, Frank further explains the collaboration between himself, Appleby and Black Francis, plans for the film (which will be called Guncotton) and why artists should be allowed to create art.

Buy the book. Visit the website (where you can purchase t-shrits and lithographs). Find them on Facebook and Twitter. Upcoming book events.

The Fifth Beatle Graphic Novel Interview

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The Fifth Beatle graphic novel cover

The Fifth Beatle graphic novel (published by Dark Horse) will debut on November 19th. The book tells the mostly untold story of Beatles manager Brian Epstein.  Epstein molded the band into international superstars and it was Sir Paul McCartney who dubbed him “the fifth Beatle”. 

The project is a labor of love for writer Vivek J. Tiwary who is also a multiple Tony award-winning producer (Green Day’s American Idiot and Mel Brook’s The Producer’s are among his credits).  Tiwary, together with artists Andrew C. Robinson and Kyle Baker put together three different versions of the book. each giving readers a unique experience.  

In this interview with Tiwary at The Book Expo in NYC, he talks about the project and Epstein’s life, shares art work from the novel and tells how the upcoming Fifth Beatle film project (which secured the rights to use Beatles music!) will stand on its own.

Find Vivek on Twitter.  Follow The Fifth Beatle on Twitter. Stay updated with The Fifth Beatle Website. Like The Fifth Beatle on Facebook. Read more about this project on The Hollywood Reporter

Record Store Day 2013 Official Movie Based On Recent Book

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Last Shop Standing

Last Shop Standing: Whatever Happened To Record Shops? by Graham Jones has been turned in to a movie.  The film has been named the official film of Record Store Day 2013 and is now available on DVD.

According to the press release for the film :

“It’s like a library for your ears and your mind.” So says Johnny Marr, about record shops, in our OFFICIAL FILM OF RECORD STORE DAY: Last Shop Standing: The Rise and Fall and Rebirth of the Independent Record Shop.  It’s based on a book by Graham Jones, directed by Pip Piper, and we think you’ll dig it too.  Johnny is just one of the musicians who talks about their love for the indie record store, a love which continues this week as his debut solo record, THE MESSENGER, hits their stacks.

The film will have its US debut in Houston on Friday, April 19th.

Check out the trailer with Marr and other all-star musicians.