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Guitar Aficionado: The Collections Tom Beaujour Interview

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Guitar aficionado  book cover

Former Editor-in-Chief of Guitar Aficionado Tom Beaujour along with co-author  Christopher Scapelliti, have put together a spectacular book for guitar fans — Guitar Aficionado-The Collections: The Most Famous, Rare and Valuable Guitars in the World. 

While the photographs are stunning, with such vivid detail the dings and dents on some guitars can be seen, the stories that come with the photographs are equally compelling. Lindsey Buckingham, Jimmie Vaughn, Rick Nielsen and Randy Bachman are just a few of the artists that share the history of their gorgeous instruments. Beaujour says that many of the featured guitars in the book are  “new, legendary guitars”, but there is also a final chapter in the book that features classics like Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein and Jimmy Page’s Les Paul.

In this audio interview, we talk about the stories connected with the classic songs written on these guitars, what era produced the best guitars, and how collecting guitars in the pre-internet days lead some musicians on a treasure hunt at used car lots and under stranger’s beds.

Buy Guitar Aficionado: The Collections: The Most Famous, Rare, and Valuable Guitars in the World.

Round And Round With Stephen Pearcy: Sex, Drugs, Ratt And Roll

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sex_drugs_ratt_roll book cover Stephen Pearcy

What will you find in the new Stephen Pearcy book?

Pearcy, who, in his words, once held a “platinum card for debauchery”, tells some interesting tales, including his early life in San Diego (his high school was the inspiration for Fast Times at Ridgemont High) where he suffered a horrifying accident that should have left him unable to walk again, and the 80’s Sunset Strip scene with pals Motley Crue and Van Halen. Plus, he reveals why Bret Michaels of Poison should give him a call—Pronto!

In this interview, we talk about these stories in his memoir and what is the status of new music from Ratt.

Buy Sex, Drugs, Ratt & Roll: My Life in Rock.  Follow Pearcy on Twitter.  For all things Pearcy, including information on his new Mic Knuckles, go to his website.  Find Stephen on Facebook and get book tour dates.

New Jimmy Page Autobiography- Light & Shade: Conversations With Jimmy Page

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Brad Tolinski, editor in chief of Guitar World, has combed through over fifty hours of his interviews with Jimmy Page to bring to life this incredible oral autobiography, Light & Shade: Conversations With Jimmy Page. Many consider Page an enigma, but the format of this book allows the reader to gain new insight into the man in the best possible way, through his own words. 

Tolinski has done a masterful job of covering the expanse of Page’s career: his work with The Yardbirds, the secrets behind his production work, and his current projects.  In between some of the chapters, Tolinski has “musical interludes” where Page has conversations with other musicians like Jeff Beck and Jack White. 
In this interview, we talk about Page’s work with The Yardbirds, the legacy of Coverdale/Page, and what guitar of Page’s Tolinski would love to own and much more. 

Buy Light & Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page . Listen to Tolinski’s playlist for Light & Shade .

News Roundup: The Pete Townshend Book Is Out!

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-Today is the official release day for Pete Townshend’s book Who I Am. Pete will be signing his book over the next few weeks at various locations. Here’s a list.

-Just out in paperback is Susan Masino’s fun and fascinating look at the three generations of Hank Williams’s. Check out our interview with Susan.

-Butch Walker, singer/songwriter/producer/artist/author/bon vivant has a new documentary out, kind of. It’s making the rounds of the festival circuit right now and will be available to everyone soon.  Here’s a look at the trailer.

-Coming in November, a little treat in book form from Willie Nelson and Kinky Friedman called Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die: Musings From The Road.

– Don’t miss these recent book releases: Motorhead-Live To Win by their official biographer Alan Burridge and Punk: An Aesthetic from Jon Savage , William Gibson,and  Linder Sterling.

Heavy Metal And Hard Rock Secrets Revealed In “Tales From The Stage”

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Michael Toney’s Tales From The Stage is a collection of fifteen interviews with famous heavy metal and hard rock guitar players in what he plans to be a series of books.  The interviews goes into new and unusual territory and yield surprising answers.  Its a fun and informative read with some jaw-dropping honesty from quite a few subjects.

In this interview we talk about Toney’s choice of money and politics questions, why there aren’t any bass players in the first edition and why Chris Holmes of W.A.S.P. should write a book.

Part of the proceeds of the book benefit the Ride For Dime organization.  Read excerpts, find bonus material and buy the book here. Find Michael on Facebook.

Mike Scott of The Waterboys Talks About “Adventures Of A Waterboy”

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One of our favorite memoirs of this year, Mike Scott’s “Adventures of a Waterboy”, has just received it’s US release after being available in Europe for a few months.  Known since the mid ’80’s as one of the better songwriters on the globe, Edinburgh-born Scott tells the remarkable story of his first trip down to London at 17, where a kind Patti Smith arranges for a room and an evening out with her legendary band. About the same time, he also has a close encounter with Bob Dylan, and from there the reader is treated to a luxuriously-related guide to the formation, rise, and eventual fall of The Waterboys, his ever-evolving Celtic roots-rock band credited with pioneering the “Big Music” sound that greatly influenced iconic bands like U2, Simple Minds, and Hothouse Flowers, and can be heard today in the sound of The Decemberists, Dawes, The Head and the Heart, and many others.

In this interview with Rock Book Show, Scott talks about why he needed to share his story, the songwriting process (including insight into creating the hit “The Whole of the Moon”), why New York City is important to him, and gives some scoop about an American performance of “An Appointment With Mr Yeats“, his evening of W.B. Yeats poetry set to original music that won rave reviews from music fans and literature buffs alike when performed in Yeats’ own theatre in Dublin in 2010.

Buy Adventures of a Waterboy. Follow Mike on Twitter.  Find Mike on Facebook and get updates on where Mike will be reading from Adventures of A Waterboy.

Rudy Sarzo Talks Being Off The Rails With Randy Rhoads And Ozzy

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Rudy Sarzo and Randy Rhoads shared a unique musical kinship–they both played with Quiet Riot and Ozzy Osbourne, but most importantly they shared a friendship. Rudy’s book Off The Rails was written to tell Randy’s story; from local musician to global superstar and the truth about the crash that took his life.

Sarzo speaks with honesty in the book, which was written from journals he kept during the “Blizzard of Ozz” and “Diary of a Madman” tours.

In this interview, we talk about Randy’s legacy, what really happened the day of that tragic plane crash that took Randy’s life and Rudy’s new band Animetal USA

Buy Off The Rails (autographed copies available). Follow Rudy on Twitter. Find him on Facebook, Visit his website.

New Randy Rhoads Photo Book And Abbey Road To Ziggy Stardust

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In Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust: Off-the-record with The Beatles, Bowie, Elton, and so much more, producer/engineer Ken Scott takes readers on a behind-the-soundboard  journey of his vast production work with artists like The Beatles, The Tubes, and Pink Floyd, and his management of ’80’s group Missing Persons. There’s a great review of the book here.


There’s an incredible new Randy Rhoads book available directly from Velocity Books. With over 400 photos and stories, you can read more about the book and enter to win a guitar here.

Guitar Heroes Aplenty In New Book “Power Chord”

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As the subtitle of Power Chord foreshadows, this book is about Thomas Scott McKenzie’s “ear-splitting quest to find his guitar heroes.” It’s a story told by a lifelong fan who never stopped appreciating the musical gifts he’d received from people like Rudy Sarzo, Warren DeMartini and Steve Vai. These are the guys McKenzie idolized, tried to emulate and whose posters hung on his wall when he was young and whose influence have lasted a lifetime.

The actual sit-downs with his subjects run the gamut from touching, to eerie, to a little wacky. There’s even a stop at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp and a dream-come-true performance at The Whisky .

In this interview we talk about the power of Ace Frehley to ward off evil spirits, doing yoga with Steve Vai and what were the ultimate lessons learned from his quest.

Buy Power Chord: One Man’s Ear-Splitting Quest to Find His Guitar Heroes. Join the Power Chord Facebook group.  Read more from Scott here.

Rock Book Show Interview: Buzzy Martin “Don’t Shoot! I’m The Guitar Man”

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We found Buzzy’s book at our local bookstore and thought it looked interesting– Guy teaches guitar to inmates at San Quentin and we’re all shown how powerful a tool music can be to soothe restless souls.  What we didn’t bargain for, was how powerful and unforgettable Buzzy and his story would be.

Buzzy Martin has been teaching music to at-risk kids for almost 20 years. In 1998, he was asked if he’d like to teach a guitar class to inmates at San Quentin.  He took the gig, in hopes that he could use the experience to inform his existing work with his students, never imagining that twelve weeks would turn into  three and a half years at the”Q”.

Buzzy is still teaching music to kids and his story will be a major motion picture next year, with Eric Roberts starring as Buzzy.   Buzzy hopes to have a million people reading his book across the world, which he feels would allow him “to go to every juvenile hall across the country and donate 20 books to their libraries”.   Find Buzzy on Facebook and buy the book here..