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Rush Illustrated History Interview With Martin Popoff

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Rush Illustrated History Book Cover


Martin Popoff is the author of over forty rock books. He previously wrote the Rush biography Contents Under Pressure, and was a huge part of the Rush movie, Beyond The Lighted Stage.  You can also see him on VH1’s Metal Evolution.  While some might suffer Rush-fatigue after that, Popoff said it was the format of the illustrated history books that got him interested in doing this project ,and he didn’t have to look much further than his own extensive collection of Rush memorabilia for a jumping off point when putting this book together.  According to Popoff, his most prized possessions are his signed albums, and they’re featured in the introduction to the book.  “Rush fans are demanding,” said Popoff, and thoughtful care was taken to include a great deal of all-new material in the book, including new album reviews that will give fans much to debate.

In this interview, we talk about the process of putting the book together, how the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction changed the ending of the book, and why Rush continues to be at the top of their game. Plus, Popoff talks about his upcoming Metallica, Art of Metal, and Iron Maiden books that will be out later this year, tips on getting an autograph from a rock star, and how he stays organized while writing rock books.

New And Future Releases From Questlove, Ray Davies, Metallica, And More

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In this super sized edition of the news, we look at new and recent releases from Questlove, Nathan Rabin, Darlene Love and Iron Maiden. Then we look at ten of the over 150 books coming out between now and New Year’s.

Pete Townshend, Beck and Iron Maiden In The News Round Up

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Beck will release his new album Song Reader in December as a book of sheet music. Did we mention you’re going to have to play the music yourself? See more here. 

As we mentioned, Pete Townshend’s memoir Who I Am will be out in Rocktober.  See Pete talk about why he’s doing the book and what to expect here.

The good folks at Voyageur Press and Quayside Publishing sent us a couple of their amazing coffee table photo books.  Check out their entire catalog here. We’re digging Iron Maiden The Ultimate Unauthorized History Of The Beast and Jazz: Body And Soul with photos by Bob Willoughby.