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Robert Christgau’s Going Into The City

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christgau going into the city

Robert Christgau shares his memories of Going Into The City in his new book out February 24th.  Read an excerpt here.

Kim Gordon Book Girl In A Band

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kim gordon


If you’re a fan of Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth or anything Kim, you’ll love this book. We got our hands on an advance copy and highly recommend it.

Sometimes, the word insightful is overused to describe a book, but it’s justified in this case. Even hardcore Sonic Youth fans will learn something and we appreciated Kim’s honesty. 

Read an excerpt here.  Catch Kim on her book tour, many of the dates have incredible special guests.  Here’s the list.  And if you don’t believe us about how good the book is, here’s Stereogums’ take

Paul Stanley Book: KISS Co-Founder Faces The Music And Exposes His Life

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Paul Stanley, founding member of Kiss and (finally) a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, releases his memoir Face The Music: A Life Exposed today.  It’s dishy enough for looky-loos. yet fans will enjoy Stanley’s honesty and surprising thoughts on some long held beliefs.  Although, don’t look for this to be the book that settles all-things-KISS.  As Stanley told The New York Daily News,  “I wrote the book about me, my life and my observations. I didn’t write the book to have the last word on KISS.”   Read an excerpt here.

Queens Of Noise: The Real Story Of The Runaways Book Interview With Evelyn McDonnell

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The Runaways book Queens of noise

In 1975, Joan Larkin took a bus to Huntington Beach to meet with Sandy West.  Two kids jamming in a suburban Southern California rec room, didn’t seem unusual, but what was about to happen would become a transformational moment in music history. It was the beginning of The Runaways.  And in four short years, it would all be over.

Evelyn McDonnell tells the complete story of The Runaways for the first time in her new book Queens of Noise: The Real Story of The Runaways.  Four years in the making, the book was at times difficult to put together as the story of the band continues to be one of urban legends and myths that beg to be dispelled.  But, the lingering history and musical contributions of the band are undeniable.  As Joan Jett said, “There’s historians who come and say , ‘Well, this band did exist before you.’ And I’d say you’re right, but they didn’t do what we did.  I’m talking about playing sweaty, crotch-grabbing rock ‘n; roll the way the boys do.”

In this interview we talk about the always controversial Kim Fowley, whether the band were feminists and if a reunion of the band is necessary or could even satisfy fans at this point.

Buy Queens of Noise: The Real Story of the Runaways. Read Evelyn’s blog. Read an excerpt from the book.

Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Writing Memoir, Book Out Spring 2014

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News came out today about the forthcoming memoir from Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe.

According to the press release, ” The memoir, which puts emphasis on the past year of his life, is an incredible, harrowing, heartbreaking, and redemptive story told in Blythe’s already well-recognized writing style. It seems that almost every major media outlet has attempted to righteously cover the story of Blythe’s arrest, incarceration, trial, and acquittal for manslaughter in the Czech Republic last year, but now, the man at the center of it all unveils the truths of the ordeal, personally detailing every aspect in his own words. No ghost-writers, no co-authors, just Randy Blythe, himself.”

Da Capo Press will be releasing the book and they also recently published the memoirs of heavy metal greats Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Rex Brown (Pantera), and Al Jourgensen (Ministry).

Blythe himself said about the book, “While I’ve dreamed of being a published author almost since I began to read, I never imagined my first book would center around such a sad topic. Sometimes though, life unexpectedly provides you a story that needs to be told.” “I believe this one does (for several different reasons, not just for the benefit of myself), so I will tell it with the respect and dignity all involved deserve. This will be a good read, I promise you, and I hope some good comes of it.”

Look for the book to come out in the Spring of 2014.




News Round Up: Legs McNeil, Beastie Boys, Rush, Metal And More

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please-kill-me book cover

Have you checked out Legs McNeil’s epic new(ish) blog? It continues to be chock full of good stuff all the time.

- In support of their upcoming book, the original MTV VJ’s now have a website with their book signing dates and other stuff.

- The Merciless Book of Metal Lists is out now.

- Pre-order is now up for Rush: The Illustrated History by former guest of the show Martin Popoff.

- If you missed it, the surviving members Beastie Boys signed up for a memoir due out 2015

News Round Up: Nirvana, Punks, Brian Wilson And MTV VJ’s books

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billy wyman scrapbook

-Bazillion Points Books announced its upcoming release Experiencing Nirvana: Grunge In Europe 1989 by Bruce Pavitt.

Bill Wyman’s Scrapbook Legacy Edition is now available.  Enter to win a copy here.

-Happy Punks 123, A Counting Book would make a cool gift for some hip new parents.

I Am Brian Wilson has been announced for 2015.

– Some early dish is being released from the upcoming MTV VJ’s book. Here’s a David Lee Roth coke story via The New York Daily News.

Dick Wagner Talks Alice Cooper, Lou Reed and more in new book

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Dick Wagner Book Cover


Not Only Women Bleed by Dick Wagner is a great rock memoir – funny, poignant, and full of great stories from an impressive career.  Wagner takes the reader through his early days in Detroit and rising to the top of that music scene, touring with Lou Reed, and then Alice Cooper with whom he wrote some of Cooper’s biggest hits (including “Welcome To My Nightmare” and “Only Women Bleed”). Wagner also got to produce his hero Little Richard, and that recording session devolved into something so crazy, it’s one of the funniest stories in the book. And there are plenty more stories where that came from. Wagner fans will also love all the little known stories and tidbits, including details on the time he auditioned to be the lead singer of Blood, Sweat and Tears.

One more reason this autobiography really works is the style of the book. It’s set up in a series of vignettes which makes it extremely readable and enjoyable.  More rock memoirs could benefit from using this style, just sayin’…

In this interview, which like Wagner’s book is a series of vignettes, we talk about working with Little Richard, writing “Welcome To My Nightmare” on the beach with Alice Cooper (of which there’s a performance with that piece of the interview) and working with Lou Reed and Steve Hunter.  There’s also talk of a possible film version of Wagner’s life, which after reading the book, would be likely be wonderful.

Buy Not Only Women Bleed: Vignettes from the Heart of a Rock Musician [With 2 CDs]. Visit Dick’s website (where you can also read an excerpt from the book). Find Dick on Facebook.

10 Rock Books To Put On Your Radar

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Rock Book News: Rihanna Loves Bolton On Instagram, Satan Is Real, And More

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satan-is-real book cover louvin brothers

In case you missed this one last year, Satan Is Real: The Ballad of the Louvin Brothers is just out in paperback. It’s also our winner for best book cover of 2012.

Michael Bolton’s memoir The Soul of It All: My Music, My Life is out next week. Recently, Rihanna gave him some love on her infamous instagram account. So what if she spelled his name wrong in the hashtag. She’s Rihanna!

What Are You Doing Here?: A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal from Laina Dawes is at the top of our reading list right now.

John Holmstrom editor of the amazing Punk: The Best of Punk Magazine will be in Brooklyn at Powerhouse arena January 13th.

Do we really have to wait until April for Detroit Rock City: The Uncensored History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in America’s Loudest City? Until then, check out their Facebook page for your daily dose of all things Detroit.