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Rayya Elias: The Harley Loco Book Interview

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harley loco book

Harley Loco came out last year and is now available in paperback from Viking/Penguin.  Roundly praised for the raw, unfiltered voice of first time author Rayya Elias, Elias doesn’t just tell you about her world, she lets you inside it.  

The story of a young girl from Syria immigrating to Detroit, who taught herself about music, started doing drugs, moved to New York City in her 20’s, cut hair, did more drugs, went to prison, died three times and ultimately redeemed herself has plenty to draw in the reader. But, there is something else living in the pages  That intagible factor that makes you relate to Elias even if you’ve never come near any of her experiences.

In this interview, we talk about how writing a book with the encouragement of best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert doesn’t suck, how to survive robbing a Colombian drug lord, how she learned English from an iconic soap star and so much more.

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Detroit Rock City Book Interview With Steve Miller

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Detroit Rock City Book Cover

Detroit Rock City The Uncensored History Of Rock N Roll in America’s Loudest City (Da Capo Press) finally gives Detroit the history book it deserves. Highlighting the different eras of Detroit music; 1965-1972, 1973-1981 abd 1981-2000,  Detroit’s story is told through an oral history by the people who lived it, and it’s the best way to showcase this dynamic look back.  It’s a treat to learn about some of the unique friendships between Detroit musicians and revisit some of the great bands like The Gories, The Laughing Hyenas and The Frost.

Miller argues that Detroit is the most influential music city on earth and many will debate that. But, you can’t ever dismiss Detroit’s distinct energy and “F-you” attitude in staying true to its own unique sound.

 In this interview Miller states his case for Detroit, talks about the infuential music magazine Creem, and what era of Detroit music could easily have its own book.

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New Corey Taylor Book, The Rolling Stones, The Runaways And More In The News

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In this week’s episode we look at the Corey Taylor book Seven Deadly Sins, now out in paperback and another new release about The Rolling Stones.

W also highlight four new releases for July about The Runaways and the fortieth anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon.  Then there’s another Rolling Stones book and the book with the longest title of the year, What You Want Is In The Limo; On The Road with Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, and the Who in 1973, the Year The Sixties Died and the Modern Rock Star Was Born.

Outlaws Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson

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Outlaw Waylon, Willie, Kris and The Renegades of Nashville

Outlaws Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings  and Kris Kristofferson wore their title well and author Michael Streissguth, who also wrote Johnny Cash: The Biography, has captured their magic moments in musical history in his new book Outlaw: Waylon, Willie, Kris and The Renegades of Nashville.

With a colorful supporting cast (including Rodney Crowell and David Allen Coe) that possibly rivals the stars of the show, Streissguth artfully weaves together all the tales that tell the story of the Outlaw Country scene in the 70’s.

In this interview we talk about what made Nashville ready for The Outlaws, the origin of the term Outlaw and if Nashville’s current Outlaws are worthy of the title.

Buy Outlaw: Waylon, Willie, Kris, and the Renegades of Nashville.

Round And Round With Stephen Pearcy: Sex, Drugs, Ratt And Roll

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sex_drugs_ratt_roll book cover Stephen Pearcy

What will you find in the new Stephen Pearcy book?

Pearcy, who, in his words, once held a “platinum card for debauchery”, tells some interesting tales, including his early life in San Diego (his high school was the inspiration for Fast Times at Ridgemont High) where he suffered a horrifying accident that should have left him unable to walk again, and the 80’s Sunset Strip scene with pals Motley Crue and Van Halen. Plus, he reveals why Bret Michaels of Poison should give him a call—Pronto!

In this interview, we talk about these stories in his memoir and what is the status of new music from Ratt.

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E Street Shuffle, Nick Cave, AC/DC Dirty Deeds And More Eddie Trunk

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The Art Of Nick Cave, out this week, paints a picture of Cave through a collection of essays.

E Street Shuffle: The Glory Days of Springsteen and the E Street Band, looks at the darker side of Springsteen and the band. Written by Clinton Heylin, check out one of his older books From the Velvets to the Voidoids: The Birth of American Punk Rock.

- One you might have missed: Hitless Wonder: A Life in Minor League Rock and Roll, by Joe Oestereich, tells the tale of kind-of-sorta making it in the business and learning to live with a different level of success.

- Mark Evans was nineteen when he joined the biggest band to come out of Australia. His story is now told in Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside AC/DC.

- Eddie Trunk’a book, Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock & Heavy Metal, was so successful that the sequel, Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Vol. 2 will be out later this year. Now everyone left out of the first edition can stop being mad at Trunk.

Scott Stapp Talks About His New Book “Sinners Creed”

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Scott Stapp, lead singer of Creed, tells his story in his new book Sinner’s Creed.  The book opens with a botched suicide attempt story that includes…wait for it…rapper T. I..  It’s a tale so unbelievably bizarre that if Hollywood had written it, you’d never buy it, and Stapp deserves props for including it here.  The book is (pardon the cliches) a warts-and-all soul-baring tome  that is both compelling and touching.  Stapp, perhaps at this point known as much for his public meltdowns as his zillions-selling hit singles and tours doesn’t seem to be asking for our forgiveness in this book, but rather for our understanding.  He knows he’s flawed and has failed himself, his family, and his followers hugely, but he’s moving on.  Just as he’s faced his demons, he’s also faced how to finally reconcile his love of God and rock and roll and celebrate them both.

Buy Sinner’s Creed and receive a free song dowload for a limited time when you buy the book. Follow Scott on Twitter. Find Scott on Facebook

In this interview, we talk about the process of writing the book, coming to grips with his depression (which he discusses for the first time in the book), and the joy of singing with the kids of PS 22.

News Roundup: The Pete Townshend Book Is Out!

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-Today is the official release day for Pete Townshend’s book Who I Am. Pete will be signing his book over the next few weeks at various locations. Here’s a list.

-Just out in paperback is Susan Masino’s fun and fascinating look at the three generations of Hank Williams’s. Check out our interview with Susan.

-Butch Walker, singer/songwriter/producer/artist/author/bon vivant has a new documentary out, kind of. It’s making the rounds of the festival circuit right now and will be available to everyone soon.  Here’s a look at the trailer.

-Coming in November, a little treat in book form from Willie Nelson and Kinky Friedman called Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die: Musings From The Road.

– Don’t miss these recent book releases: Motorhead-Live To Win by their official biographer Alan Burridge and Punk: An Aesthetic from Jon Savage , William Gibson,and  Linder Sterling.

Seventy Guitar Legends Tell The Story Of Their First Guitar In New Book

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In her new book, My First Guitar: Tales Of True Love And Lost Chords, Julia Crowe weaves a musical journey with essays from 70 famous guitarists.  It’s an impressive list of subjects (including Dick Dale, Roger McGuinn of The Byrds, Steve Vai, Tom Morello, Daniel Lanois, Joey Santiago of the Pixies, and Alex Lifeson of Rush), and the book’s forward was written by Andy Summers from The Police.

What separates this book from most, is the emotion that Crowe is able to translate to the page.  Crowe has a knack for taking the reader back in time and in the room with each guitar and player profiled. It’s quite an accomplishment.

My First Guitar…  proves the adage that the love for one’s first guitar never fades. As Jimmy Page says in the book, “It’s all still six strings. It never ceases to amaze me. And hopefully, it will never cease to amaze me.”

In this interview, we talk about how Crowe was able to catch up with her subjects, why she included so many different genres of music, and how she got her meeting with the ever-elusive Jimmy Page.

Buy My First Guitar: Tales of True Love and Lost Chords from 70 Legendary Musicians. Follow Julia on Twitter. Find Julia on Facebook.

The Bermuda Quadrangle: New Releases This Week From Neil Young, John Taylor, Weird Al And Kirk Hammett

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Something for everyone appeared in the week’s new releases.

-Neil Young’s memoir Waging Heavy Peace was called by Rolling Stone the “memoir only Young could write. Honest, moving and kind of all over the place.”


Weird Al released Weird Al: The Book, a comprehensive look at his thirty year career in pictures, tweets and so much more.


John Taylor’s In The Pleasure Groove: Love, Death and Duran Duran should please fans with tales about the excess of the 80’s.



-Metallica’s Kirk Hammett gives a rare view into his massive horror memorabilia collection with Too Much Horror Business.  Hammett spent two years working on the project and the result is stunning.