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Rayya Elias: The Harley Loco Book Interview

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harley loco book

Harley Loco came out last year and is now available in paperback from Viking/Penguin.  Roundly praised for the raw, unfiltered voice of first time author Rayya Elias, Elias doesn’t just tell you about her world, she lets you inside it.  

The story of a young girl from Syria immigrating to Detroit, who taught herself about music, started doing drugs, moved to New York City in her 20’s, cut hair, did more drugs, went to prison, died three times and ultimately redeemed herself has plenty to draw in the reader. But, there is something else living in the pages  That intagible factor that makes you relate to Elias even if you’ve never come near any of her experiences.

In this interview, we talk about how writing a book with the encouragement of best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert doesn’t suck, how to survive robbing a Colombian drug lord, how she learned English from an iconic soap star and so much more.

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Mike Scott of The Waterboys Talks About “Adventures Of A Waterboy”

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One of our favorite memoirs of this year, Mike Scott’s “Adventures of a Waterboy”, has just received it’s US release after being available in Europe for a few months.  Known since the mid ’80’s as one of the better songwriters on the globe, Edinburgh-born Scott tells the remarkable story of his first trip down to London at 17, where a kind Patti Smith arranges for a room and an evening out with her legendary band. About the same time, he also has a close encounter with Bob Dylan, and from there the reader is treated to a luxuriously-related guide to the formation, rise, and eventual fall of The Waterboys, his ever-evolving Celtic roots-rock band credited with pioneering the “Big Music” sound that greatly influenced iconic bands like U2, Simple Minds, and Hothouse Flowers, and can be heard today in the sound of The Decemberists, Dawes, The Head and the Heart, and many others.

In this interview with Rock Book Show, Scott talks about why he needed to share his story, the songwriting process (including insight into creating the hit “The Whole of the Moon”), why New York City is important to him, and gives some scoop about an American performance of “An Appointment With Mr Yeats“, his evening of W.B. Yeats poetry set to original music that won rave reviews from music fans and literature buffs alike when performed in Yeats’ own theatre in Dublin in 2010.

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New Release: “Love Goes To Buildings On Fire: Five Years In New York That Changed Music Forever”–Will Hermes

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The time between 1973 and 1977 will forever be known as one of New York City’s more storied musical eras.  Most casual rock historians will point to that time as being about the rise of Punk and New Wave,  but serious music academics know that there was so much more to the NYC story then, as experimental music icons Laurie Anderson and Phillip Glass rose to new fame while disco was in its infancy, and Patti Smith ruled the clubs.

While the city was at a creative peak, it was one of its most racially tense, corrupt and gritty times, all of which found its way into the music of that period of time.  Will Hermes’ genuine excitement over this era is busting out in each essay in Love Goes to Buildings on Fire.

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