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Nirvana, Alex Chilton, Gang of Four And Black Francis : New Books

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So many new books to talk about:

here we are now book cover Kurt Cobain

Here We Are Now: The Lasting Impact of Kurt Cobain from Charles R. Cross. Cross also wrote the Cobain biography Heavier Than Heaven. Cobains’ influence is still felt 20 years later and each chapter examines his legacy in a unique way.

gang of four book cover 33 1/3

Officially out March 27th, but you can probably find a copy early, is Gang of Four’s Entertainment from Kevin Dettmar. 33 1/3’s ongoing series continues to impress.

alex chilton book cover

Holly George-Warren has written the first biography of Alex Chilton titled A Man Called Destruction: The Life and Music of Alex Chilton, From Box Tops to Big Star to Backdoor Man. Hard to believe this is the first biography of Chilton!

the good inn book cover

 Pixies fans rejoice! Black Francis and Josh Frank have a written a book!  Out April 15th, The Good Inn is, to quote a piece of the Introduction, “an illustrated novel, based on a soundtrack in the making, for a feature-length film yet to be made about the first narrative pornographic movie ever created.” The drawings of Steven Appleby accompany the narrative.

The Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn will be hosting a book launch conversation and signing with Francis and Frank on April 25th.

Nirvana, Detroit Rock City, Al Jourgensen & The Pixies in Rock Books

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Detroit Rock City is released tomorrow and it’s amazing. Also featured in this episode is Al Jourgensen news, upcoming releases about Nirvana, The Jesus and Mary Chain and a history of 4 AD. Plus, the Pixies book has been funded through Kickstarter and we tell you how to get an autographed copy and your name in the book.

News Round Up: Nirvana, Punks, Brian Wilson And MTV VJ’s books

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billy wyman scrapbook

-Bazillion Points Books announced its upcoming release Experiencing Nirvana: Grunge In Europe 1989 by Bruce Pavitt.

Bill Wyman’s Scrapbook Legacy Edition is now available.  Enter to win a copy here.

-Happy Punks 123, A Counting Book would make a cool gift for some hip new parents.

I Am Brian Wilson has been announced for 2015.

– Some early dish is being released from the upcoming MTV VJ’s book. Here’s a David Lee Roth coke story via The New York Daily News.

Grunge History New In Paperback Today– “Everybody Loves Our Town”

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One of our favorite books from last year, Mark Yarm’s incredible oral history of grunge “Everybody Loves Our Town”, is out in paperback today.

Check out our interview with Mark below. Buy “Everybody Loves Our Town”.

Interview: D.O.A.’s Joe Keithley “I, Shithead: A Life in Punk” “Talk-Action=0″

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Joe Keithley is the lead singer and a founding member of the influential Vancouver punk band, D.O.A.  He is also the author of two books, the autobiography “I Shithead, A Life in Punk” and “Talk-Action= 0:the illustrated history of D.O.A “.

Keithley’s first book “I Shithead” published in 2003, is on its third printing and remains wildly popular.  After the success of that book, he decided to put together a second book, “Talk-Action=Zero” which was released in June of this year.

In this interview, we talk about his books, what musicians influenced his activism (one might surprise you) and what it’s like to be named “The Most Influential British Columbian of All Time” (and have your own bobble head).

Buy I, Shithead: A Life in Punk. Buy Talk – Action = 0 (Talk Minus Action Equals Zero): An Illustrated History of D.O.A.. Find D.O.A on Facebook.  Find Joe on Twitter.  Follow Rock Book Show on Twitter.  Learn more about D.O.A and the bobble head.

Interview: Caryn Rose “B-Sides and Broken Hearts”

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“Joey Ramone is dead” is the first line from Caryn Rose’s debut novel, “B-Sides and Broken Hearts”, and the catalyst for the the title character, Lisa Simon, to take stock of her life.  Music has always been important to Lisa, but now,  she’s not so sure about the relationship she’s currently in or the ones she thought she’d reconciled.  Music is what drives this funny, well-written and so-much-more-than “chick-lit” book.  It’s a “High Fidelity” for women. And while this is a work of fiction,  Rose’s personal passion for music is evident throughout the book.

Currently the director of product development for Billboard digital, in the past, Rose  has also worked for Warner/Elektra/Atlantic records and written for many outlets, including the legendary Seattle music magazine “Backfire”.

In this interview, Rose shares more about her musical heroes, her involvement with the new Replacements documentary, “Color Me Obsessed” (including a fantastic story that is not in the movie) and her favorite B-side of all time.

Buy “B-SIDES AND BROKEN HEARTS”. Follow Caryn on Twitter.  Check out “B-Sides” on Facebook. Hear a special playlist created for the book on Spotify.

New Release Tuesday: “Everybody Loves Our Town: The Oral History of Grunge” by Mark Yarm

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On the heels of the 20th anniversary of Pearl Jam’s “Ten” and Nirvana’s “Nevermind” comes the 555-page oral history of grunge, “Everybody Loves Our Town” by Mark Yarm.  Yarm, a former editor of Blender (and an upcoming guest on our show) conducted over 250 interviews to put together this definitive tome.

Packed with new information, Yarm reveals the reasons Mike Starr was fired from Alice in Chains (from both Starr’s point of view and the management’s), how Candlebox singer Kevin Martin handled his allegedly amorous boss, Madonna, and Courtney Love, never one to shy away from controversy, presents Arm with a new theory surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain.

Never boring, often sad, but more often funny, “Everybody Loves Our Town: The Oral History of Grunge” tells the whole story.

Buy Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge. Check out the official Tumblr blog and hear celebrity playlists from Joel McHale and Taylor Momsen.

Rock Book Show Interview: Emek “The Thinking Man’s Poster Artist: Collected Works Of Aaarght!”

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Musicians aren’t the only artists involved in concerts.  Ever see an amazing gig poster for  The Decemberists, Deadmaus, Erykah Badu or Foo Fighters? Chances are, it was created by Emek. Though he works primarily in silkscreen, Emek has now upped his game by including laser cutting and embossing.  He’s even put his pieces onto sheets of copper.  He’s not just creating a poster, he’s creating a collectible work of art.

You may see some influence from poster art of the Sixties in Emek’s work, but as he says, “i’m not just the hippie guy”, and it’s obvious in the eclectic range of his work collected in this book.

Our interview also gives you a tour of some of his genre-spanning work from Bootsy Collins to Tool to Queens of The Stone Age, as well as some of his political posters which provide Emek with another platform to express his beliefs.  As he says, he is “trying to take something that has an expiration date printed right on it and give it some permenance”, and he has.  Another thing to love about Emek, is that most of his work is very affordable, so we can all own it.

Check out more of Emek’s work on his website and follow him on twitter.  And if you get the chance to meet him at a signing, don’t miss it!