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Megadeth Co-Author Joel McIver: Writer Of A Million Books, And He’s Rocked Them All

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dave ellefson my life with deth book cover

Megadeth, Slayer, Motorhead, Glenn Hughes, Slipknot and more have all found their way into the capable writing hands of Joel McIver in one way or another. McIver has over twenty-two books to his credit as co-author or biographer, with a bunch more in the hopper.

Getting a look behind the curtain of the process of writing rock books is an interesting experience, and luckily Joel shares some of his insight with us here.His upcoming book My Life With Deth with Dave Ellefson will be out in October and is one of the many projects we discuss in this interview. Plus, there’s some news on his Rage Against The Machine book that is still in the works.

McIver also lets more secrets spill like what it was like to work with Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfy) on his upcoming book, what artists he thinks should write a book, and who he wasn’t able to convince to write their book just yet.

Check out the complete Joel McIver canon and more on his website.  Follow Joel on Twitter. Friend him on Facebook.

New Interview: RJ Smith – “The One: The Life and Music of James Brown”

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RJ Smith is receiving raves for his new biography of James Brown, “The One: The Life and Music of James Brown”.  Expertly researched for four years, Smith reveals new details of Brown’s life and deftly balances the ugly side of Brown (batterer, hair-trigger temper and drug abuser) with the musical genius that deserves its place in history.

Readers will also be surprised at how politically active Brown was, both for the benefit of others, or occasionally for selfish reasons (like currying favor for his ongoing tax problems).

In this interview, we talk about Brown and Little Richard’s friendship, what his legacy brings to the current state of music, and Smith explains the significance of the title “The One”.

We also talk about these fascinating videos of Brown with Michael Jackson at the BET awards and this video with Prince, Jackson and Brown where Prince tries to steal the spotlight and the scenery.

Buy The One: The Life and Music of James Brown


Interview: Duff McKagan “It’s So Easy (and other lies)

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Duff McKagan‘s “It’s So Easy (and other lies)” is not your typical rock memoir.  It goes far beyond being a “Guns and Roses Book” and allows Duff to tell his story.  Deeply personal, raw and honest, McKagan lays himself bare to share his journey outside his famous bands.  He is so much more than “just a musician”.

McKagan allows the reader into his world with such honesty, that you can almost feel him uncovering new truths as he reflects on his past.

With no co-author (a rarity among musician “authors”), McKagan’s voice comes through clearly and unfiltered.

In this interview, McKagan talks about the journey to becoming a writer, his roller coaster ride through success, addiction and sobriety and how Joe Strummer and The Clash have influenced him to this day.

Buy It’s So Easy: and other lies. Follow Duff on Twitter. Find Duff on Facebook and get book signing information there. See more Duff over on the Simon and Schuster webpage for the book. And, check out all the info for Duff McKagan’s Loaded here.

Free First Chapter Of New Prince Book!

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