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Rayya Elias: The Harley Loco Book Interview

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harley loco book

Harley Loco came out last year and is now available in paperback from Viking/Penguin.  Roundly praised for the raw, unfiltered voice of first time author Rayya Elias, Elias doesn’t just tell you about her world, she lets you inside it.  

The story of a young girl from Syria immigrating to Detroit, who taught herself about music, started doing drugs, moved to New York City in her 20’s, cut hair, did more drugs, went to prison, died three times and ultimately redeemed herself has plenty to draw in the reader. But, there is something else living in the pages  That intagible factor that makes you relate to Elias even if you’ve never come near any of her experiences.

In this interview, we talk about how writing a book with the encouragement of best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert doesn’t suck, how to survive robbing a Colombian drug lord, how she learned English from an iconic soap star and so much more.

Buy Harley Loco. Find Rayya on Twitter and Facebook. Visit her website. Get Rayya’s music on ITunes.

News Round Up: Zakk Wylde, Fleetwood Mac, Kristin Hersh, Buzzy Martin and T.M Wolf

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Next week, we’ll finally see the release of  Zakk Wylde‘s book Bringing Metal To The Children: The Berzerkers Guide To Complete World Tour Domination. The book is getting great early buzz and Zakk will be a guest on our show in the near future. Pre-order Bringing Metal to the Children: The Complete Berzerker’s Guide to World Tour Domination

Fleetwood Mac fans will want to grab Ken Caillat’s new book, Making Rumors: The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album. All the fascinating, behind-the-scenes scoop is here as well as some surprises. Buy Making Rumours: The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album

Two of our former guests, Kristin Hersh and Buzzy Martin are getting the movie treatment for their books.  Kristin’s Rat Girl is in the development stage and Buzzy’s book Don’t Shoot! I’m The Guitar Man is in production now with a release date scheduled for next year.  Check out more on Buzzy’s movie here and check out  Don’t Shoot! I’m the Guitar Man and Rat Girl: A Memoir in print before they hit the big screen.

Finally, we recently received a copy of Sound: A Novel by T.M. Wolf (out May 1st) and we are so glad this one found us. Sound is most likely the first novel to be written on a composer’s notebook of blank staff paper, a very cool concept that works. Order Sound: A Novel

Rock Book Show Interview: Buzzy Martin “Don’t Shoot! I’m The Guitar Man”

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We found Buzzy’s book at our local bookstore and thought it looked interesting– Guy teaches guitar to inmates at San Quentin and we’re all shown how powerful a tool music can be to soothe restless souls.  What we didn’t bargain for, was how powerful and unforgettable Buzzy and his story would be.

Buzzy Martin has been teaching music to at-risk kids for almost 20 years. In 1998, he was asked if he’d like to teach a guitar class to inmates at San Quentin.  He took the gig, in hopes that he could use the experience to inform his existing work with his students, never imagining that twelve weeks would turn into  three and a half years at the”Q”.

Buzzy is still teaching music to kids and his story will be a major motion picture next year, with Eric Roberts starring as Buzzy.   Buzzy hopes to have a million people reading his book across the world, which he feels would allow him “to go to every juvenile hall across the country and donate 20 books to their libraries”.   Find Buzzy on Facebook and buy the book here..

Rock Book Show: Find Your Weekend Read–Steven, Buzzy and 33 Revolutions

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We have three reading suggestions for you this weekend:

-The new Steven Tyler book, Does The Noise In My Head Bother You? A Rock And Roll Memoir.  Alex Call, author of the upcoming book 867-5309: Jenny, The Song That Saved Me (releases Aug. 15th and an upcoming guest here on Rock Book Show), gives his take on the book on his blog. See what he has to say here.  Purchase Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Memoir

Don’t Shoot, I’m The Guitar Man by Buzzy Martin. The book chronicles his time teaching music to prisoners at San Quentin.  It’s a quick read, but one that you keep thinking about long after. Buzzy doesn’t sugar-coat anything, yet he never loses his faith in humanity.  You’ll be inspired. Buy Don’t Shoot! I’m the Guitar Man

-33 Revolutions Per Minute: A History of Protest Songs, From Billie Holiday To Green Day. We recently interviewed author Dorian Lynskey about his incredible new book and found it to be a fascinating journey.  Starting in 1939 with Billie Holliday’s “Strange Fruit”, each chapter dissects a song from a wide range of artists, including The Clash, M.I.A, Victor Jara and James Brown. James Brown? Yes, it’s all in chapter 7.  Here’s a  link to a recent New York Times review and one from Entertainment Weekly with videos from selected songs.  Purchase 33 Revolutions per Minute: A History of Protest Songs, from Billie Holiday to Green Day
And just for fun, in honor of Alex Call, here’s Jenny!