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Slayer, Aphex Twin, Martin Popoff and Elvis!: Books You Want

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While we were on hiatus, here are a few books you may have missed—- but shouldn’t.


 Slayer 66 2/3: The Jeff and Dave Years  is the book Slayer fans have waited for or as David Konow, author of “Reel Terror” and the metal history “Bang Your Head”, puts it: This is “the biography the band has always deserved… A book documenting the good, the bad, and the ugly without spin or sensationalism has been long overdue, and hats off to D.X. Ferris for getting it all down in this remarkable volume, which no SLAYER fan should be without.”  We’re also thrilled to announce that Ferris will be a guest on the show soon!

aphex twin

Way ahead of his time, Aphex Twin created electronic music suitable for ravers, nerdy music intellectuals, and casual listeners alike. Join author Marc Weidenbaum as he “takes an academic, thematic and philosophical approach to ambient music in context of the album and places the album in context of rave/massive and early Internet culture at time of album’s release.”

Martin Popoff 900 records book

 Friend of the show Martin Popoff has a new and improved version of his previous work Smokin’ Values: A Headbanger’s Guide to 900 NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) Records. It’s classic Popoff with reviews, tons of pictures and a look at virtually every record in the genre between 1979 and 1983.

shades of elvis book

What if you looked through the most famous sunglasses in the world? Shades of Elvis answers that question in book form with over 75 celebrities trying Elvis’ sunglasses on with fun and often compelling results. (Note: Sideburns not included)

Interview: Caryn Rose “B-Sides and Broken Hearts”

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“Joey Ramone is dead” is the first line from Caryn Rose’s debut novel, “B-Sides and Broken Hearts”, and the catalyst for the the title character, Lisa Simon, to take stock of her life.  Music has always been important to Lisa, but now,  she’s not so sure about the relationship she’s currently in or the ones she thought she’d reconciled.  Music is what drives this funny, well-written and so-much-more-than “chick-lit” book.  It’s a “High Fidelity” for women. And while this is a work of fiction,  Rose’s personal passion for music is evident throughout the book.

Currently the director of product development for Billboard digital, in the past, Rose  has also worked for Warner/Elektra/Atlantic records and written for many outlets, including the legendary Seattle music magazine “Backfire”.

In this interview, Rose shares more about her musical heroes, her involvement with the new Replacements documentary, “Color Me Obsessed” (including a fantastic story that is not in the movie) and her favorite B-side of all time.

Buy “B-SIDES AND BROKEN HEARTS”. Follow Caryn on Twitter.  Check out “B-Sides” on Facebook. Hear a special playlist created for the book on Spotify.