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Danny Bland In Case We Die Book Interview

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Danny Bland In Case We Die Book Cover

In Case We Die by first time author/longtime musician/road manager Danny Bland is set in Seattle in the early 90’s. Protagonist Charlie Hyatt is a heroin addict who works the graveyard shift in a porn shop. But Bland is a sneaky devil and weaves a love story and tale of redemption into this seedy world, a world that you’ll be glad you got  sucked into.

Bland has a lot of life experiences to draw on and the main character Charlie Hyatt, is based on himself , although he won’t divulge exactly which parts.

In this interview we talk about how the book came together, why he wrote a fiction book instead of a memoir and getting some famous friends together to create an incredible audiobook version of In Case We Die.

Buy In Case We Die. Download an excerpt from the book here. Follow Danny on Twitter. Find Danny on Facebook.

Grunge History New In Paperback Today– “Everybody Loves Our Town”

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One of our favorite books from last year, Mark Yarm’s incredible oral history of grunge “Everybody Loves Our Town”, is out in paperback today.

Check out our interview with Mark below. Buy “Everybody Loves Our Town”.

Interview: Duff McKagan “It’s So Easy (and other lies)

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Duff McKagan‘s “It’s So Easy (and other lies)” is not your typical rock memoir.  It goes far beyond being a “Guns and Roses Book” and allows Duff to tell his story.  Deeply personal, raw and honest, McKagan lays himself bare to share his journey outside his famous bands.  He is so much more than “just a musician”.

McKagan allows the reader into his world with such honesty, that you can almost feel him uncovering new truths as he reflects on his past.

With no co-author (a rarity among musician “authors”), McKagan’s voice comes through clearly and unfiltered.

In this interview, McKagan talks about the journey to becoming a writer, his roller coaster ride through success, addiction and sobriety and how Joe Strummer and The Clash have influenced him to this day.

Buy It’s So Easy: and other lies. Follow Duff on Twitter. Find Duff on Facebook and get book signing information there. See more Duff over on the Simon and Schuster webpage for the book. And, check out all the info for Duff McKagan’s Loaded here.

Interview: Caryn Rose “B-Sides and Broken Hearts”

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“Joey Ramone is dead” is the first line from Caryn Rose’s debut novel, “B-Sides and Broken Hearts”, and the catalyst for the the title character, Lisa Simon, to take stock of her life.  Music has always been important to Lisa, but now,  she’s not so sure about the relationship she’s currently in or the ones she thought she’d reconciled.  Music is what drives this funny, well-written and so-much-more-than “chick-lit” book.  It’s a “High Fidelity” for women. And while this is a work of fiction,  Rose’s personal passion for music is evident throughout the book.

Currently the director of product development for Billboard digital, in the past, Rose  has also worked for Warner/Elektra/Atlantic records and written for many outlets, including the legendary Seattle music magazine “Backfire”.

In this interview, Rose shares more about her musical heroes, her involvement with the new Replacements documentary, “Color Me Obsessed” (including a fantastic story that is not in the movie) and her favorite B-side of all time.

Buy “B-SIDES AND BROKEN HEARTS”. Follow Caryn on Twitter.  Check out “B-Sides” on Facebook. Hear a special playlist created for the book on Spotify.

New Release Tuesday: “Everybody Loves Our Town: The Oral History of Grunge” by Mark Yarm

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On the heels of the 20th anniversary of Pearl Jam’s “Ten” and Nirvana’s “Nevermind” comes the 555-page oral history of grunge, “Everybody Loves Our Town” by Mark Yarm.  Yarm, a former editor of Blender (and an upcoming guest on our show) conducted over 250 interviews to put together this definitive tome.

Packed with new information, Yarm reveals the reasons Mike Starr was fired from Alice in Chains (from both Starr’s point of view and the management’s), how Candlebox singer Kevin Martin handled his allegedly amorous boss, Madonna, and Courtney Love, never one to shy away from controversy, presents Arm with a new theory surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain.

Never boring, often sad, but more often funny, “Everybody Loves Our Town: The Oral History of Grunge” tells the whole story.

Buy Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge. Check out the official Tumblr blog and hear celebrity playlists from Joel McHale and Taylor Momsen.