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New And Future Releases From Questlove, Ray Davies, Metallica, And More

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In this super sized edition of the news, we look at new and recent releases from Questlove, Nathan Rabin, Darlene Love and Iron Maiden. Then we look at ten of the over 150 books coming out between now and New Year’s.

Heart Goes “Kicking And Dreaming” In Their New Book This Zeptember

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Female rock bios don’t always have the same “oomph” as the ones from the guys.  They often seem a bit tame or trying too hard to prove themselves as reckless and raunchy as their male counterparts.  If there were two ladies who’s story will play as well as the guys, it’s the sisters Wilson. They don’t have to be overtly anything to sell books. They were trailblazers.  Women who found their way around Rock without any blueprint to follow.

You can preview the book here. Pre-order here and see some early book singing dates here.

Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion) Songs In A Smokable Book

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In case you missed it,  Snoop Dogg Lion has “written” a smokable book called Rolling Words. Genius right?

We’re impressed by the attention to detail that has been put into a book that’s meant to be burned. The books’ cover, binding, and internal lining are all made from hemp seed paper and the spine of the book is a match striking surface. The pages are actual rolling papers (perforated and easy to detach) with Snoop’s handwritten song lyrics on them – printed in non-toxic ink of course.

The book was designed by the Pereira & O’Dell agency and created in order to serve as a promotional tool for Snoop’s rolling papers, Snoop Dogg’s Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers.  Nick Adler, Strategic Brand Director of Stampede Management, said “Honestly, we were kind of blown away.  It’s a fantastic brand extension for us, and totally captures the vibe and spirit of Snoop and our platform.   While the book is currently for elite distribution, a limited edition book is being discussed for release online.”

Honestly, we’re blown away too.  Your move Willie Nelson!

Rock Book Show Interview: Liz Thomson “No Direction Home”

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It took Bob Shelton over twenty years to write “No Direction Home”, what most people consider the definitive Bob Dylan biography.  His friendship with Dylan gave him unprecedented insider access and interviews that were more candid than most. But, even after the book’s release, Shelton wished for a “director’s cut” of the book.  Unfortunately, he passed away in 1995, before he could ever see that dream become a reality.

Elizabeth Thomson, music writer and a personal friend of Shelton’s, decided after his passing to take on the task of updating the book and restoring it to Shelton’s original vision. Twenty thousand words have been reclaimed and the book now ends in 1978. The bibliography and footnotes have also been updated to give us easier paths to enhance our reading and knowledge of Dylan.

Liz was lucky enough to meet Bob Dylan in 2003, and her respect for the words of Bob Shelton and the career of Dylan make “No Direction Home” a must read for fans old and new.

Buy the book.

Rock Book Show: Find Your Weekend Read–Steven, Buzzy and 33 Revolutions

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We have three reading suggestions for you this weekend:

-The new Steven Tyler book, Does The Noise In My Head Bother You? A Rock And Roll Memoir.  Alex Call, author of the upcoming book 867-5309: Jenny, The Song That Saved Me (releases Aug. 15th and an upcoming guest here on Rock Book Show), gives his take on the book on his blog. See what he has to say here.  Purchase Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Memoir

Don’t Shoot, I’m The Guitar Man by Buzzy Martin. The book chronicles his time teaching music to prisoners at San Quentin.  It’s a quick read, but one that you keep thinking about long after. Buzzy doesn’t sugar-coat anything, yet he never loses his faith in humanity.  You’ll be inspired. Buy Don’t Shoot! I’m the Guitar Man

-33 Revolutions Per Minute: A History of Protest Songs, From Billie Holiday To Green Day. We recently interviewed author Dorian Lynskey about his incredible new book and found it to be a fascinating journey.  Starting in 1939 with Billie Holliday’s “Strange Fruit”, each chapter dissects a song from a wide range of artists, including The Clash, M.I.A, Victor Jara and James Brown. James Brown? Yes, it’s all in chapter 7.  Here’s a  link to a recent New York Times review and one from Entertainment Weekly with videos from selected songs.  Purchase 33 Revolutions per Minute: A History of Protest Songs, from Billie Holiday to Green Day
And just for fun, in honor of Alex Call, here’s Jenny!